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Automate your communications, reduce no-shows at your viewings and stand out from the pack with IRE’s diary and enquiry management solution

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Get back on top of your day

Our user-friendly diary and enquiry management solution rewards you with more time to focus on your core business.

book a viewing

Book viewings

Don’t waste time trying to book people into property viewings one at a time. Let the IRE platform do it for you. Our diary and enquiry management solution syncs with your agents’ calendars and allows prospective tenants to book viewings directly. Once a date’s been set, our clever auto-reminder swings into gear to keep everyone in the loop and help you avoid those dreaded no-shows.

Customise communications

First impressions count for a lot in the property business. Our customisable booking form allows you to incorporate your own branding to help you set the right tone from the outset. You also have complete control over the platform’s automated communications, which means your messaging won’t just be really efficient, it’ll be pitch-perfect too.

Customise Communications
Integrate Easily copy

Integrate easily

We love it when things work just as much as you do, which is why we’ve made sure IRE plays nicely with other software. Whether you want to sync contacts, import an XML feed or export data to your CRM, our digital platform is up to the task.

Get your portfolio in front of more tenants

If you want to reach good quality tenants and reduce your listed-to-let timeframes, you should look at TenantApp. More than just another property portal, TenantApp is changing the way property seekers search, view and apply for rental properties. With 3.3 million enquiries processed since 2017 and more than 630,000 downloads, our very own portal is proving to be popular with tenants all over the UK.

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Too busy to play phone tag with tenants?

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Using IRE tech to pre-qualify property enquiries

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Adam Farrell

About 60% of the leads are email leads from the portals, so IRE’s saved us 60% of our time in a way


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