Find good quality tenants fast

TenantApp helps tenants search, view and apply for rental properties. List your portfolio on the user-friendly property portal that UK tenants love.

Capture new leads and convert them easily

Not all business development tools were created equally. Turn your agency into a growth company with the BDM solution designed for the real estate industry.

Happy Tenant

Happy tenant, winning agent

It pays to make things easy. TenantApp streamlines the tenant’s search, allowing them to shortlist properties, book into viewings and submit tenancy applications. It’s no wonder UK tenants are flocking to our user-friendly property portal.

Capture valuable feedback

Put your clipboard away. TenantApp lets you capture valuable feedback from prospective tenants before they leave the viewing. Produce landlord reports on the spot or suggest alternative properties based on the tenant’s feedback.

Capture feedback

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Dont get stood up

Don’t get stood up at your next viewing

TenantApp takes the inconvenience out of arranging viewings. When a tenant finds a property they’re interested in, they simply book into one of your pre-set viewing times. Once that’s taken care of, automated reminders keep the tenant updated and help you avoid a dreaded no-show.


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