Enquiry management and the post-lockdown rental surge

Even before the UK celebrated ‘Freedom Day’ a couple of weeks back, IRE customers across the country had been reporting an uptick in demand for rental properties. While the big city markets took a hit in the early phase of the pandemic with people moving out of the cities, the tide is beginning to turn. In fact, things have been heating up since Easter, according to a report published by property portal Zoopla.

As people move back to the city and offices begin to reopen, city-based agents are being inundated with enquiries from major portals like Open Rent, Rightmove and Zoopla, property apps and even their own website listings. With no end to the property enquiry overload in sight, agents need a way to manage all these leads effectively. Enter IRE’s enquiry management solution.

The cornerstone of the IRE platform, our enquiry management solution is a no-brainer for letting agents that are experiencing a post-lockdown surge in rental demand.

How it works

  1. Pre-qualifying questions help you weed out tyre kickers
  2. 24/7 automated replies take the burden off agency staff
  3. Prequalified tenants book viewings directly

If you’d like to find out more about how agents are benefiting from IRE ‘s enquiry management system, check out our customer stories on Sawyer & Co. Brighton and Belvoir Lincoln, two of many IRE customers that are well placed to handle the post-lockdown surge in rental property demand.


Jul, 2021


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